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  • What is the Vorwerk Thermomix® Toll free number?

     The toll-free line for Customer Service is 855-867-9904. Customer Service Agents are available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm PST. We have agents available in English, French and Mandarin. If you speak o...

  • Thermomix Measuring Cup - Safety Announcement August 2022

    Explanation of the safety warning message   version Française ci-dessous   The measuring cup that is used as the standard Thermomix® TM6 (black) is inserted in such a way that it sits firmly in pla...

  • How do I clean my THERMOMIX® Noir -limited edition?

    Care Instructions    To maintain the long-lasting appeal of the black shell, please follow these care instructions:     Only clean the surface with a soft, damp cloth - for example use a microfibe...

  • Why did my knife turn black?

    The discoloration is completely harmless, with no effects on biocompatibility, hygiene, function and lifetime of the Mixing Knife. The discoloration, which is a passivation layer, might occur after...

  • What if myTM5™ or TM6™ does not heat food quickly or at all?

      Please be aware ingredients that are taken directly from the fridge, or liquids that are not room temperature, can cool the bowl and therefore slow the heating of the Thermomix. There is a simple...

  • My Varoma lid does not sit flat.

      Not to worry, once the lid heats up while in use it should sit flat and create a seal making the Varoma lid and dish an effective steamer. If you find that your lid does not seal properly during ...

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